So…this is happening.

So when I started this blog almost three years ago, I had a pretty clear set of objectives:
  1. Drink wine.
  2. Cook things.
  3. Bake things.
  4. Drink more wine.
  5. Tell you about it.  While drinking wine.
And then something happened.  Something magical, miraculous, and most importantly, life changing…we got knocked up.  I mean, we got knocked up on purpose, but still, it’s a game changer in the world of blogging about food.  Although, not so much while I was pregnant…and while I could have continued writing, it just got in the way of more important things.  Like my desperate need for sleep, relaxing, foot massages, naps, dozing off, keeping my DVR at less than 90% full and all things DIY Frozen Yogurt.
Then, 40 weeks and five days later, our world was officially rocked.  Miles Clark arrived.  All bets in the kitchen were officially off.
I wanna rock ‘n roll all night…literally. 
The first six weeks were a blur.  We no longer slept; we just napped.  Life existed in three hour shifts.  There was a week where I didn’t shower for four days straight.  Then, at week seven, something equally as miraculous occurred: Miles slept through the night.
Now, the first time a newborn “sleeps through the night”, it’s really more like an 11pm until 5am thing, but y’all…let me tell you, it’s a BFD.  Like bold and underlined BFD.  And all of a sudden, I started to feel like a human again.  Well, not the first few nights he slept through.  Those were the nights I went into his nursery every hour to stand over his crib and stare at him in a very “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” way.  Making sure he was breathing, hadn’t wedged himself underneath his crib mattress, and that one of the cats wasn’t sleeping on top of him.  Yes, new parents are totally nuts.
Back to feeling like a human.  Suddenly, brushing my teeth and wearing a bra was moderately important.  Yes, life was starting to get a semblance of a routine.  Time progressed, and suddenly we were sleeping through 7, 8 and sometimes 10 hours at a stretch.  The new normal arrived.
As Miles has gotten older and settled into more of a schedule (for now), I have found more time to write.  But instead of writing about a new recipe, or slicing my finger off trying to make the most gawdawful “healthy” brownies ever, the only ideas I can come up with are about Diaper Genies, daycare, almost brushing my teeth with Icy Hot, forgetting to put the coffee cup in my Keurig, and all of the 10,487 awesome things that Miles does on a daily basis.  WHERE DID MY CULINARY MASTERPIECES GO?!
Life is totally different today than it was when I started writing, but different in an insanely awesome (and hysterical and exhausting and amazing and loving and delirious) way.
Right now, it’s 9pm.  Miles is sleeping soundly.  I’m sitting at my laptop having my first (and undoubtedly last) glass of wine for the day.  I have unexpectedly entered the land of mommy blogging – something I didn’t anticipate, given the number of whackadoo mommy blogs out there.  But, there are also some insanely good blogs.  Clever, witty, sarcastic moms who get it the same way I do.  So, maybe it isn’t a bad thing.

Sometimes I’ll write about cooking.  Sometimes I’ll write about our awesome cats.  Most of the time, I’ll just write about Miles and this new adventure we’re taking.  No matter what I fill the pages with, it will be entertaining.  

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