Dear Twenties: It’s not you, it’s me.

So, this Saturday, something kind of major is happening…yours truly will be turning 30.
You heard that, right?
T H I R T Y.
Really, it’s no biggie.  I mean, there are a lot of things I could do to celebrate/mourn, but I’m just going with what I do best, and writing an open letter to  my twenties.  Because really, isn’t it time we moved on?  Here we go…
Dear Twenties,
It’s been one heck of a ride, but I think we both know what has to happen next.  I mean, of course I still love you, but I’m not in love with you.  Don’t worry; it’s not you, it’s me.  I can’t hold you back any longer, and we both know it’s time for you to spread your wings and fly.  We sure did have some fun over the past ten years though, huh?
You were a joyful time of terrible karaoke, attempting to burn our apartment down with incense, and eating French fries with Ranch dressing for dinner.  A lot.  Ah, metabolism at 20, am I right?!
Yes, in your very early years, you were a time of questionable decisions, questionable behavior and incredibly questionable fashion choices.  Of our early time together, I am most thankful that Facebook and smart phones were still an unknown.  It ensures that things like my four leaf clover tattoo will never been seen by anyone other than my husband, and God.  Well, and anyone on Fort Myers Beach during the summer of 2003.
It was a learning experience.
But it wasn’t all so bad, Twenties.  I mean, I did meet my future husband during your era (okay, so I was nineteen, but we both agreed that twenty sounded way older so that’s what we went with).  I was 20 when we officially started dating, 21 when we were engaged, and had just turned 22 when we were married.
We also went through some difficult things together, Twenties.  You were there for me when I lost one of my very best friends, my Moosie.  The two of us spent weeks planning my wedding together; she was so excited and overjoyed!  Then, she was taken home in June of 2005.  It was so very difficult to know that she wouldn’t be there for the big day, at least in person.  But she was there in spirit.  And we weathered the storm, Twenties.
It was also in your era that we bought our first house and slowly, over the next few years, turned it into a beautiful, warm and loving home.  And it was in your era that we experienced a joyful, incredible, amazing miracle when we welcomed Miles, our firstborn, and we knew then that our home was complete.  Well, until the next kiddo comes along…but we’ll save that for Thirties.
Most importantly, it was in your era that I reconnected with God in a way I’d never known was possible.  The void of false friendships was replaced by an unconditional love like none other.  And I knew where I was supposed to be, where we were supposed to be.  And I am filled with joy, happiness, thankfulness and overwhelming gratitude to see my little family growing together in our faith.  That’s a big deal, Twenties.
Yes, Twenties, it’s been a fun ride.  While it may be time to part ways, I’ll keep with me forever the memories we created together. 
You may want to let Thirties know that the bar has been set pretty high…
Ready for the next adventure,

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