Sometimes, School Bites

Monday afternoon, it was brought to my attention that Miles has a biter in his classroom.  For the second time in three weeks, he’s been bitten on the arm by a sweet, towheaded little girl with zombie tendencies.  And I am conflicted in my response.

I mean, toddlers…am I right?  We’re talking about an age group that will just as easily eat a ball of cat hair as they will a bowl of Cheerios.  I know this, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.  These are kids who do not understand the concept of simply taking the laundry basket off their heads, and would rather sit on the living room floor and yell until someone saves them.  Kids who generally prefer exploring each and every new object by putting it in their mouths.  And I’m supposed to be mad?  At a toddler?  Because some folks seem to think we should be, and that action should be taken.  (Side note: just typing the phrase “action should be taken” when considering these cute little hellraisers made me LOL)

I don’t know; it seems silly to me to hold any anger toward the child, or even the parents for that matter.  Miles routinely drags my old tabby cat around by the tail, even though we’ve been working on “gentle touch” since oh, I don’t know, birth.  Do I believe Miles wants to hurt my old tabby cat?  Absolutely not.  It’s just not a concept he grasps yet (unlike tails, which he grasps firmly and with fervor).  Same as sharing (LOLOLOL) and putting food in his mouth instead of his nose.  I mean, he gets it to a certain extent, but come on…he’s a toddler.  They all snort their green beans and pour milk on their heads.

One of his teachers had a “conference” with the girl’s parents (conferences for toddlers, oh my…) and I suppose that’s something I understand.  If my kid were chomping on every baby arm in the class, I’d want to know.  But what do you do with the information?  Work harder at gentle touch, no biting, nice hands?  Buy a mouth guard?  Get one of those Hannibal Lecter masks?  My heart of overwhelming love for people is having a difficult time reconciling discipline at this age.

We actually received a “Note to the Parents” on Wednesday afternoon, addressing the biting issue and the steps being done to curb the behavior.  No Lecter masks, no gerbil balls, and no riot gear…just compassionate, but firm, actions.  My soft heart can get behind this.

Still looking for a Lecter mask on Amazon, though.

Chomp chomp,





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