So I’ve been MIA longer than usual…you noticed, right?  Lots going on, but settling down now.  Feels good to be writing again, since I do equate it to therapy.  More to come later this week…


Remember last week’s bite incident?  Zombaby 2014?  We thought that would be the most exciting part of our week, until the spots.  On Tuesday, Miles had two or three spots on his left leg, and another three on the inside of his left arm.  Unexplained spots on a toddler.  We decided to monitor them, and I avoided WebMD (because their diagnosis would be ALL ILLNESSES EVERY TODDLER HAS EVER CONTRACTED, AND SOME YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF, EVER.)

Wednesday morning…spots are still there, a little more pronounced, and now with many many smaller spots on Miles’ legs, and some on his arms.  No other symptoms; no fever, no cold symptoms, no flu symptoms, and there doesn’t seem to be any pain/itching associated with these spots.  I asked his teacher to just keep an eye on the spots, and to call me faster than ASAP if anything seems to worsen or if his mood changes.  I also email the preschool director.  I am an overly concerned parent who needs people to keep an extra eye on my kiddo.  Normal new mom behavior.

The director lets me know that one of my son’s classmates has been out for three days with spots as well,  and that she believes were a reaction to his chicken pox vaccination.  As in the kid has chicken pox.  Now, the kid’s pediatrician didn’t come to a final conclusion with his diagnosis because the case was so mild, but the preschool director – in her twenty years of experience – knows pox when she sees them.  Her call was a friendly off-the-record heads up.

Wednesday evening…spots are there, and worse.  Panic ensues (with me, not the kid).  I mean, it could be chicken pox…but it could be many other things, too.  A food allergy, a virus, a reaction to touching cantaloupe imported from Honduras in the produce section at Publix.  WHAT IF HE HAS THE HONDURAN MELON FLU?!  These are the sensible thoughts running through my brain.  (this is also my plug to only buy locally grown seasonal produce)

I could wait to see his pediatrician on Thursday, but deep down I know that there is absolutely positively no stinkin’ way we can spend Wednesday evening hanging out with Captain Spots as if he doesn’t have the Honduran Melon Flu.  Off to Urgent Care we go – better than the ER, not as good as his pediatrician, but something to (possibly) ease my mind.

After our two hour visit, we knew nothing more than we did before we arrived.  It could be all of the above or none of the above.  To be safe, we’ll start an antibiotic.  Also, Aveeno baths.  And stop feeding the kid strawberries.  Follow up on Saturday to do a spot check (da-dum-CHA!)

Four Aveeno baths and eight doses of antibiotics later, the spots are gone.  Follow up appointment shows exactly what we already knew: NOTHING.  But hey, the physician didn’t blame it on teething, so that’s a plus.  Spots on a toddler is undiagnosable, and I have accepted this.

Giving antibiotics to a toddler is akin to putting hoop earrings on a Tasmanian Devil, by the way.

First time parents, right?  We freak about things…we make a conscious effort to not freak out too much, or make too many visits to his incredibly awesome pediatrician, because I never want to be that mom.  But spots are something of concern, so this visit was warranted.  I’m sure when kid #2 arrives, we’ll have a better handle on things like the Honduran Melon Flu.

EDITED TO ADD: Some of you may take that last sentence to imply we’re pregnant…we are not.  However, if we were, we wouldn’t tell you.  We’d just let everyone spend a few months pondering, “too much ice cream, or a baby?”  We like those kinds of surprises.

Never visiting Honduras,



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