“Oh, poor daycare baby!” and then I want to punch things.

I told you all that I was sick, right?  Well it’s not just me, it’s the entire house.  First it was me, then Miles, and now Evan…all with the funk.  The funkiest funk to ever funk it’s funking way right into your funking lungs and funk things up.  Get it?

I know that Miles has an ear infection in his left ear because we visited our pediatrician yesterday.  I know that the ear infection was caused mostly by the build up of fluid in his ear, which was caused by the sharp bones stabbing through his gums (otherwise known as teething).  With one secondary incisor, one eye tooth and one molar jamming their way out, something’s gotta give, right?  Ears.  They give up first.  So we started the Amoxicillin, and today he’s back to Hurricane Miles status.

As usual, I visited WebMD for my own diagnosis of what the funk I have.  Turns out it could be…

  1. Sinusitis (highly possible)
  2. Laryngitis (definitely possible)
  3. Hay Fever
  4. Viral Pharyngitis
  5. COPD
  6. Asthma
  7. ASBESTOSIS (!!!)
  8. West Nile Virus
  9. 473 different types of cancer
  10. “Plague” (non-specific plague, my favorite kind)
  11. Pleural Effusion
  12. And a dozen things that I’ve only encountered when playing Oregon Trail.

So, yes…of course I feel reassured that it’s just a minor summertime cold.  OF COURSE.  Thank you WebMD. (it’s important to know I trust WebMD because they told me my appendix was rupturing and it was…and that’s a post for another day)

My symptom checker results aren’t actually what I wanted to write about tonight, though.  I found it extremely important to stress that I was sick first – not Miles.  Know why?  Because if I hear one more person say, “Oh, poor baby, it’s daycare causing this!” then I just might flip.

I get it, I really do.  Daycare can be a cesspool of germs.  But do you know what else harbors these same germies?  EVERYTHING.  The mailbox, the bank, the post office, the handle of the shopping cart that your adorable child is chewing on when you aren’t looking.  Germs are everywhere, people.  And while there are germs at school, it’s not always school that causes the illness.

It obviously burns my biscuits to have a guilt trip laid on me because our son is in daycare.  Some of those “oh poor daycare baby” people really sound as if they’re saying “oh poor neglected child, I can’t believe your parents abandon you for eight hours a day.”  Yes, that’s it…poor baby, spending eight hours a day in a school that is certified by the State of Florida and inspected by the Department of Health, full of teachers who love these children as if they were their own, with a curriculum that has allowed my son – at 14 months – to begin speaking in simple sentences, eat with a spoon and fork and use sign language.  Our kitchen overflows with arts and crafts.  He is excited to see his teachers and friends each day, and guess what?  He’s still even more excited to see me in the afternoon.  Miles missed two days of school this week; when we returned today, three of his “friends” squealed, clapped and smiled when we walked into the room.  Yes, his friends.  Poor baby.

It’s not about SAHP vs. working parents; it’s about doing the best you possibly can with your own unique and individual situation.  Because even if I were a SAHM, I can easily see the benefits of part-time enrollment in daycare or preschool.  I’m as entertaining as they get, and I like to think I’m a pretty good educator for Miles, but there are things he learns and does in school that I just know I probably wouldn’t come up with on my own (or without hours on Pinterest).  And the socializing…so important and beneficial.  So for us, two parents who work full-time, daycare is the bees knees, even if we pick up a cold every once in a while (which we would also pick up just going to Publix)

Parenting is the greatest and most important thing we’ll ever do, and I know that we’re doing an awesome job.  I can see that reflected in my smart, funny, sweet and loving boy, every single day.  Whether you work full-time or part-time, or have chosen to stay at home, we’re all on the same team.

Choose your words wisely.  It’s easy to sound like a Judgey McJudgerson; try not to, though.  Every family is different, and that’s a good thing.  Imagine how boring the world would be if we all cloth diapered, completed every project we pinned, and made all of our meals from scratch – organic scratch, at that.

Working Mom FTW,




3 thoughts on ““Oh, poor daycare baby!” and then I want to punch things.

  1. Love this. I try to keep in mind that some peoples’ comments are totally well-meaning on their part but that doesn’t keep me from getting all rage-y inside. Grrrr! And for what it’s worth, my kids catch stuff in the church nursery WAY more than they catch at daycare! I don’t know what it is, but it got to the point that it was ridiculous!!!
    And also, I’m surprised WebMD didn’t say you have MS. I always get MS from WebMD.

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