Hi, I’m Kristin.  I used to write about cooking and baking, but then we became new parents and life changed, for the better.  I know everyone thinks their children are awesome, but let me tell you this: Miles is REALLY awesome.  You’ll hear about him a lot, along with my equally awesome husband.  I’m a tough cookie, strong in my faith, and enjoying this adventure/circus/WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ride we call “parenting.”  Enjoy the long-winded stories, rambling observations, overuse of punctuation, humor and sometimes recipes.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Kristin, I loved your post about teething. Ask your mother about how I looked when Mitch was teething! He was the best sleeper until 6 months when he began teething. I never got a full night’s sleep for two years, and when he cut that last tooth, he (and I) slept all night! I enjoy your writing so much…makes me smile at my memories. Love to you all. Aunt Bess

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