How Did I Get Here?

I spent the majority of my fourth year of life galloping around on all fours, professing to the world that one day I would grow up and become a My Little Pony.  When I was seven, I devoured the entire Little House series over the course of the summer, and thus began my love of reading.  When I was ten, I discovered a love of writing, and thought maybe I’d become a novelist or a journalist (spoiler alert: neither happened).

Over the next 20 years, life happened…finishing college, working for Corporate America, meeting the man of my dreams, settling down, starting a family.  I would sporadically write, but the material just wasn’t there.  Then, in April of 2013, we had our first child, our son Miles…and guess what?  THE FLOODGATES OF BLOG MATERIAL WERE UNLEASHED.  The world needed another mom blogger, right?

So here I am, a little older, not much wiser, but learning about parenthood and all of its pooping, teething, toddling glory.  And even though there are days I feel like I’m thisclose to becoming an escaped mental patient, I wouldn’t trade a single second of this life, because even though it’s a hell of a ride, it’s also the best thing, EVER.

The reason I live and breathe.

The reason I live and breathe.

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